HOA Worker’s Comp


Every Association, employees or not, face the following exposures:

  1. An employee of an uninsured contractor is injured at the association and the employer has not provided proper coverage. The association may be required by the local Labor/Industrial authorities to step in as the “employer” as it relates to benefits owed that injured employee;
  2. A volunteer working on behalf of the association is injured during the course of their duties. The association should (and ultimately may be required to) treat that injury as “work-related” thereby requiring benefits owed under the labor code.

Coverage Considerations

While the General Liability policy does provide coverage for “bodily injury”, it EXCLUDES “bodily injury to an employee”. A serious injury to a volunteer and/or employee of a contractor that the industrial commission rules an “employee” of the association would be excluded by your GL carrier. An “If Any” Workers’ Compensation Policy that includes a Voluntary Compensation (VC) Endorsement will respond to each of these exposures as evidenced in the losses outlined below.

Risk StateTotal PaidDescription
CA $102,972 Board Member fell walking grounds – broken shoulder, knee
CA $24,500 Volunteer fell and landed on head
IL $24,000 Maintenance Worker fell from ladder – broke both ankles
GA $15,710 Maintenance worker fell while picking up trash
NJ $11,677 Manager developed hernia while pushing dumpster

Annual Premium is $500-$600

Includes full “If Any” protection and a VC Endorsement that treats injuries to volunteers working in an official capacity for the Association as a ‘”work related injury” (meaning first dollar coverage – not excess of personal medical of the volunteer).