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RidgeGate Insurance

Since 1987 our firm has delivered insurance protection to the community, H.O.A. and C.O.A.. The early years as a "captive agent" with a large company, now we work extensively with property managers, developers and investment groups.

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Commercial Property Insurance covers first-party claims to real property you own. Whether it’s a fire, explosion or smoke -- if there are structural damage to the building, the repair costs ultimately fall on the building owner’s shoulders. Purchasing property insurance is only a way of transferring the cost over to an insurance company in exchange for a premium.

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Apartment Owners


Apartment owner insurance helps protect your property and your investment. At RidgeGate Insurance, we know your apartment is also a source of income, and we are committed to helping you find a policy that is best for you.

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Virtually everyone understands the importance of insuring property against natural disasters such as earthquakes. These devastating events have the potential to produce immense damage that exceeds many people’s imagination, preparation and insurance coverage.

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HOA Worker's Comp

Every Community Association should have a Workers’ Compensation Policy - EMPLOYEES or NOT!

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