RidgeGate offers a selective selection of insurances


Apartments Insurance

Apartment owner insurance helps protect your property and your investment. At RidgeGate Insurance, we know your apartment is also a source of income, and we are committed to helping you find a policy that is best for you.

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Comerical Insurance

Commercial Property Insurance covers first-party claims to real property you own. Whether it’s a fire, explosion or smoke -- if there are structural damage to the building, the repair costs ultimately fall on the building owner’s shoulders.

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Condominium / H.O.A.

Most condominium associations provide basic property structure insurance. Unit owners need to be aware that they will need to supplement this coverage because it has exclusions and/or deductibles that are the owner’s responsibility.

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D.I.C. / Earthquake

Earthquake insurance is an insurance policy that provides coverage against damages arising from earth movement as the result of an earthquake.

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More Information

It is important for every small business owner to evaluate his or her plan to stay protected from workers’ compensation fraud. There are several ways to detect it, and these five signs are some of the most common indicators...

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