About Us

Since 1987 our firm has delivered insurance protection to the community, H.O.A. and C.O.A.. The early years as a "captive agent" with a large company, now we work extensively with property managers, developers and investment groups.

Our history

A mid-west foundation and philosophy have been the corner stone of our company. Since 1987 as a captive agent with a Los Angeles based insurance company, we realized how limited we were in providing our clients with a fully comprehensive policy, a policy they demanded. Now we fulfill their needs by working with a range of A+ companies.

Now we work for the client/investor and their best interest, rather than just that one company.

what's new?

Workers’ Compensation Policy

Protect your business, twenty-five percent of all United States insurance fraud claims are related to workers’ compensation. Employees throughout the country report about $7 billion worth of personal injuries occurring in the workplace or while they are on the clock but off the premises.

our advantages


claims coordination

High experienced claims coordination that determines validity and works to favorable results


Research of the best carriers for renewal insurance for optimal coverage and rates



Availability to meet with HOA Boards or committee.

Our Team

  • Kevin Mugavero

    Kevin Mugavero grew up in Granada Hills, CA; married with…